Well... I guess my trip to Kenya was a successful venture eh?! 2:31:50 for 5th place at the Rotterdam Marathon! I must say I am very happy with that and will call it my birthday treat to myself.
I must say that leading into the race, knowing that Krista DuChene was in amazing shape after her Around the Bay finish, I really thought we'd have two women under the Olympic A standard for Canada... well, we were close... fingers crossed we were close enough for it to count.
What a trip these last few days has been! Definitely has had its highs, and well... some pretty World shattering lows for me.
I flew out for Rotterdam on April 11th... my birthday! I figured my trip to Rotterdam would be the start of an awesome adventure, and well, maybe set my life on a brand new path... boy, did I get that second part right. Just as I was finishing packing and getting ready to start my journey I received an email. No need to go into the details of it, other than to say that it caught me completely off guard and still has my head spinning. Ladies and gentleman, I am returning to Chattanooga as one of the fastest Canadian female marathoners ever... and joining the ranks of the unemployed. And for those of you doing a double take... yes, it happened in an email.
So now, whether by choice or by default... I am a runner. I must give myself a little pat on the back for putting my lawyer related woes on the shelf while lining up to race... heck, if I'm going to be told I'm distracted by running, I'd better be able to shut out the rest of the World and RUN!
Though I'm a little freaked out about what these next few steps in life are going to be and where they are going to take me, I am excited to start on a new journey. Those of you who know me well know that I have always had a plan; a path that I set out on and stuck to until my 28th birthday... we all know how bumpy that path has been this last year... I'm thinking it's time to enjoy the ride and see where I end up.
Luckily, I have some great friends... in the South, in East Lansing, and back home that I know have my back and are ready to help me make those first few steps into the unknown.