Confidence: belief in own abilities: self assurance or a belief in your ability to succeed


Conceited: (1) too proud: having or showing an excessively high opinion of your own qualities or abilities (2) creatively witty: imaginative, fanciful, witty, or ingenious ( archaic )
Synonyms: self-important, proud, vain, smug, arrogant, high and mighty, superior, stuck-up, snobbish, self-satisfied, big-headed, narcissistic
Antonyms: modest

So a year has gone by since I started this blog, and it would seem that "New Beginnings" was more than an appropriate title for my first entry. I have started and re-started several times in the last 12 months... now I think it's time to hit the re-set button altogether.

I am happy to report that my hip has finally decided to let me run again, which means the training trip to Kenya is still on! I am very excited to see what I can accomplish putting my running on the top of my list for the first time ever! I am also ready to see if I can shake the 130-140lb monkey I've had on my back this year... hmm... I'm starting to sense a trend... or maybe I just have an affinity for monkeys? Monkeys, hobbits, frogs... oh my!

2011 was definitely an interesting year for me as I finished up law school, moved to the south, studied for and passed the bar, started work in the real world... and oh yeah... decided to run a marathon... twice! I really just thought I'd knock out that whole marathon thing to say I had done one before entering the real world.... now I'm going off to Kenya to see if I can actually become a marathoner... weird.

Needless to say, I am uncertain of where this year will take me... but I'm excited to start it off with such a huge adventure.