So this weekend was the last portion of my run-a-thon "2Feet and a Heartbeat" down in Tennessee. I was going to run from Ringgold Georgia, to Chattanooga, TN, but due to the crazy tornadoes they had down here just prior to my arrival, I decided to go with a less debris ridden route. I ran from Nikajack Lake, up highway 41 to Raccoon Mountain. Let me just say it was hilly and HOT! I am going to really have to adjust to the heat again when I come down here this summer to study for the bar and train!
The run-a-thon was more successful than I ever could have imagined! Thank you all for your amazing support and donations. I hope that within the next year I can sort out how to do something similar for other struggling post-college student athletes, and will definitely keep everyone posted! But for now I am just thankful that I can now sign up for the Bar prep course and sit for the Bar at the end of July!
It was a really pretty run - I love it down here in Chattanooga! 
This quick trip was for more than just my run-a-thon, I was able to move some of my stuff down here and... I got a J-O-B for when I finish studying and taking the Bar! Yippie!
As an update from my jammed up hip from last week - it is feeling quite a bit better, though I still feel like it is pretty tight and locks up a bit on me. I think with a bit more work on my hamstrings and hip-flexors, it will be totally back to normal.