So the Canadian Half Marathon Championships were two weeks ago, and as some of you know I was less than pleased with my performance. The event itself was really well organized and we "elites" were treated like gold, I was just frustrated with the outcome. Now that I have had some time to reflect on the race, I really am not all that disappointed anymore. Yes I still wish I had placed and/or ran faster, but there is nothing I can do about that now but look forward and get back up on the horse. As I'm sure most have heard by now, the course was windy - and no, it was not the nice tail-wind they had at Boston. I'm talking huge gusts from the front and the side that would blow you back 5ft if you weren't careful (let me just say, I wasn't very careful).
To be honest, I have been struggling this last month to get my body back to feeling like normal (I mean Lanni-normal). My stride has been off since my left calf decided to tear a bit leading up to the Around the Bay 30k, which caused me to compensate and end up with some really tight IT bands. Add to this that my body has just generally been revolting against me - head colds, girl issues, tummy turmoil... u name it, and it's no wonder that even once I got my stride back I then felt totally out of shape and like I was breathing like a fat kid at fat camp.
The 5k this past Friday in London, Ontario made me feel like I was on the road back. My stride released and I felt like a normal runner again (just a little winded from my head cold). Just when I thought "Yippie! My body is cooperating again!" Flash to yesterday (Monday) evening, where the right side of my bum/pelvis/hip jammed up so bad that I had to walk it in the last mile. I was pretty annoyed considering I had a really good tempo going up until that point. At least I know that my fitness is not as far off as I thought, and I just need to get my hips and pelvis to square out again and my right hamstring to release and I will be back on track. Should be fun to try and do that while I now spend the majority of my waking hours studying for MY LAST SET OF LAW SCHOOL FINALS! Hopefully things release in the next few days as I have the last portion of my 2 Feet and a Heartbeat ( this weekend in Chattanooga, TN. I am really very lucky that there are such supportive and generous people out there. I cannot wait to be able to pay it forward some day!
Aside from the run-a-thon, I have my marathon coming up at the end of May. Hopefully the little speed bump that is my jammed up right hip will be a thing of the past in a few days and I can keep building and getting my wind back.