Ok, so another week has come and gone and it is again time to focus on my core strength and flexibility. This week I took part of my workout outside on my sweet blades

and then finished it up inside with my trainer friend Dameian from STAT Fitness down here in Chattanooga.

Those of you who are from my figure skating past will remember the good old days of rollerblading around the parking lot at the arena doing one legged pulls and snowmen with our feet.  Since I am still in the process of upping my mileage I decided it would benefit me to start doing "interval work" on my blades.

First I rollerbladed a few miles down the river-walk, then I started into it:

First I did 1 min of sculling (also known as making snowman with your feet) with 30 sec normal rollerblading. I repeated this 5x.

Next, I did one legged pushes on each leg. 30 sec each leg x5 with a minute recovery blading in between.

I then returned to standard rollerblading for 5 minutes before repeating the above sets of intervals 2 more times.

After I was done my interval session I headed over to STAT Fitness to have Dameian help me work on my calf strength and get full mobility back in my hips and ankles.

Not a bad little Friday if you ask me ;D